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Space Monkey

Hopefully 2013 I will find the time to post more character designs.

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Rush Into Battle



-the book is premiering at the San Diego Comic-con at the UDON booth (#5037), July 20-24

-for fans not attending the show, you can preorder the book at ( )


- The standard softcover edition is also available for preorder on ( )

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hermione's Transformation

I’ve been working on this animation piece for a while and I’m excited to have finally completing it. The reason I did this piece was just to keep myself busy and to exercise my animation muscles, I always wanted to animate an animal transforming in to a person and thought it would be a cool challenge to do so. The character is base off Hermione from the Harry Potter series; as well I use the audio clip from the movie Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

Hermione's Transformation from Philip Rodrigues on Vimeo.

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Ugly Americans

Hey Gang, I’ve been busy lately animating on Ugly Americans hopefully they will get a second season so check it out so I can keep working . It’s on the comedy channel.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Iron Giant

Here is my contribution to the Iron Giant Project.

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Here is an animation i did just for fun.


Here are some designs I did for a pitch package for a cartoon show based off a videogame called Light Spire. The coloring was done by David Tran. Link

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Jimmy Two Shoes

Hey Gang, I’ve been animating on Jimmy Two Shoes for almost a year now and I’m glad to say that it finally aired on the Disney’s Jetix, check out it s a funny show.

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Film Poster

I love french Fries...................................................

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